Your Email Marketing Guide to Black Friday

This year Black Friday goes down on November 27th, while Cyber Monday follows up on the 30th. As a business owner with an online shop, are you ready?

As we all know, COVID has turned this year upside down, and it will definitely affect how people shop for the holidays. For one, it’s predicted that there will be an uptick in online shopping, which increases competition and eCommerce opportunities.

Since online shopping will be the focus, more businesses are starting to promote Black Friday deals earlier than usual, especially by email.

That’s why NOW is the time to get your Black Friday email campaign down pat, so you can keep up and stay relevant with your target audience. Need help getting started? Here’s our best email marketing tips!

Focus on building email subscriptions

Before sending out information on Black Friday deals, make sure to boost your subscription list first. You want to make it tempting and easy for people to sign up, especially if you’re aiming for recurring customers.

Add a few different ways to sign up, like adding an additional phone number field. Focus on creating a sense of urgency, like adding a timer to the email body, so consumers know that there is a limit to the offer and they must act quickly.

Be the early bird

Traditionally, deals aren’t showcased until Black Friday. As we mentioned, businesses are promoting Black Friday deals early this year to accommodate the lean towards online shopping.

Confirm your deals and start sending out emails to communicate your offers. Some online retailers started promoting deals as early as October, so chop chop- the clock is ticking!

Test email subject lines

The subject line can make or break email marketing, no matter how good the content is. Luckily, you don’t have to sweat bullets over whether or not to use the word “free” or “discount” in your subject line.

Instead, write 2 subject lines (A and B), then test away. Omnisend let’s you test A/B subject lines by sending one to 25% of your followers and the other to another 25%. The subject line with the most success gets sent out to the remaining 50% of followers.