Why Minimalist Web Design is Successful & How to Incorporate it

When the style of a website is simple enough to where users don’t have to think about anything except the product on display or the single line of content on the screen, the appeasement of minimalist design is at play. It’s no secret that this simplistic, bare bones approach to web design is the homecoming queen of today’s business websites. Stack backgrounds, dramatic lettering and a bold statement creates a simple framework that easily becomes the focal point for consumers.

So, what are benefits of using a minimalistic design approach?

  • Content has become the main focus with short, catchy and to-the-point sentences that rope consumers in and keep them browsing. Minimal design is done with the content in mind.
  • There are less elements to consider when it comes to coding.
  • Makes navigation a breeze and less design means faster loading time for web pages.
  • Sharp and simple visuals are timeless, a design you can count on without worrying about continuous modifications.

How can you take a minimalist approach to your business website?

  • Focus on what you want to convey the most to consumers and keep with the basics: organization, color scheme, visual and typography.
  • Color contrast is a good rule of thumb, and many websites do this with black and white, although more businesses are toying with bright and bold colors, such as Instagram.
  • Pinterest’s grid layout makes it easy to browse multiple graphics and text at one time, as well as organize information in a visually appealing way. Use this or block designs to keep your website organized and easy to navigate.
  • Choose one visual to be your dominant visual. This can be a picture, animation, or block of text.

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