Why it's Beneficial to Design a Website for Your Logistics Business

Who said websites work for only certain types of  businesses? Actually, any kind of business can benefit from online exposure in 2021, and that starts with designing a responsive website where customers can quickly find your services. 

The facts don’t lie: 70-80% of consumers look up a company online before contacting them or making a purchase. 

That’s all the motivation you need! And today, we’re focusing on the transportation industry. At 904Technology, we have had the pleasure of designing beautiful websites for numerous logistics businesses. 

It’s a great way to keep up with the growing tech shift, with simple marketing strategies that make a major impact on consumer relationships. After all, the logistics industry is quickly evolving technologically on every level, and a website can help bridge connections between logistics professionals.

Here are some more reasons why every logistics business should design a website…

1. You can also make it mobile responsive

That means that your website will also be optimized for consumers who like to surf the internet using their smartphones or tablets. Instead of getting turned off by a slow, discombobulated website on a tiny phone screen, your logistics website is automatically designed to fit the screen without being overwhelming.

2. You can grow a social media presence

For logistics, social media is a great way to grow your audience, share the latest news, and add a personalized touch to your business. LinkedIn is particularly great for connecting logistics professionals. Best of all, it’s free marketing and gives consumers a more in-depth look at the services you offer.

3. It gives you another outlet to find drivers and agents

Looking for truck drivers to join your team? In 2021, a lot of job seekers hop online to search for new positions, and with a website, you can do the same for your logistics business. A web design company specialized in the transportation industry can help you build a fast and easy online application so professionals can get in contact directly from their laptops.

4. Get more visibility on Google

Phone books are out, but listings and reviews are in. It’s important to get your business listed online, not only to make sure customers have your accurate contact info, but to also increase your visibility in Google’s search results. You can easily do this on Google My Business.

Got online reviews? Start responding to them! Maybe add a few testimonials to your website. Reviews are the cornerstone of any business, and it’s one of the big deciding factors for customers when choosing a company to partner with.