What Should My Small Business Website Include to be Successful?

A successful business website isn’t just about a slick design concept. There are plenty of websites out there that look good, but lack fundamental details that lose the traffic they need to prosper.

If you’re in the market for a fresh business website, keep these tips in mind to ensure you cover all of the bases for a website that draws in your audience and builds your brand.

1. Keep your domain name simple. You want your web address to be easy for users to type in and remember. For example, .com is the most common domain that people naturally gravitate to when it comes to websites.

2. Put your contact where everyone can see it. Nothing turns a potential customer off more than having to scour a website trying to find the right contact email address or phone number. A good way to do this is to always keep contact info on the footer or sidebar, so it’s on every page.

3. Feature customer testimonials. These days, business reviews are one of the most trusted sources of info when a potential customer is trying to decide who to take their business to. Featuring customer testimonials on your website builds trust and confidence in your work.

4. You need killer content. Anyone can follow the rules when it comes to proper syntax and grammar, but how about content that is fresh and creative? It needs to give your business a voice that stands out from the rest; one that visitors can relate to.

5. Of course, the call to action is necessary! Just make sure you present it in a smart way. Use buttons with different colored text and place one at the top of the page and at the bottom. Make sure you are clear about what you want the customer to do.