What is Vlogging And Does My Business Website Need It?

Vlog: Video Blog

Have you heard the term “vlog” or “vlogging”? If you’ve perused websites and viewed short videos sharing information about a particular topic, then you, my friend, are viewing a vlog.

Vlogging is the production and publication of video content on a website, sort of like a blog except without the written content. Sharing videos online is becoming the go-to method for digital marketing because of the attention grabbing, visual appeal and the engagement increase between businesses and their customers.

Do You Need a Vlog?

More and more businesses are jumping into the world of vlogging, especially startups and small businesses. It’s a platform that gives a business a personality and face, so customers feel a more personalized connection with an actual person- a friend so to speak, and not just purchasing products from a website.

Vlogging can also help your SEO game, with the ability to share videos on multiple social media platforms. Every time a viewer likes or shares your vlog, this helps boost your ranking on Google. If you have a written blog on your website, embed videos within blogs to appeal to the visitors that like to read stories and those who prefer to watch stories- a strategic way to spread brand awareness.

One of the best aspects of incorporating a vlog on your website? It’s cost effective! Depending on the cost of a camera, equipment and whether you want to hire someone to produce the vlogs- you can go this route if you have the financial means, or you can get started without these resources as well. You can also post your vlogs on other social media channels to save on content creation.