Web Design Trends for 2022

Is your website ready for the new year? There are plenty of fun trends for 2022 to stay on top of the design curve, turn heads, and ramp up the traffic to your site. 

We cover our favorite web design trends for 2022 in our guide. Get in touch to learn more about refreshing your website!

Video and animations continue to rise in the ranks

Engaging followers often means offering some advice about a service or product, but in 2022 inspiring consumers is being done through visuals more and more. That means implementing lowkey micro-animations or background videos.

Micro-animations play when the cursor hovers over the image, capturing the visitor’s attention and sharing your message in an easily understandable way.

It’s all about reveling in the calm

Keeping with the trend of visually digestible animations to get a brand’s message across, we’re also seeing an uptick in “calming” colors, vibrant images, and clear-cut call to action. 

The trends of condensed information and infographics of the past few years are coming to a close, as gentle motion and space are seen as not overwhelming to process. For example, web forms are becoming less complex, asking a few simple questions to keep the user engaged. 

Keep it positive

We all know that 2020 and 2021 were doozies, but in 2022 the focus is on recovery. Online presence is centered less on information overload and more on fostering a feeling of positivity. 

Focus on creating user experiences of goodwill by utilizing images that are inspiring and messages that are clear and concise. The idea is to help your followers rather than direct them, which builds trust and reliability within the consumer relationship.

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