Web Design Trends for 2017

Web design is constantly evolving to meet the interests of consumers who are turning to their smartphones and tablets more when it comes to shopping, reading, browsing and researching online. So, what are web design trends looking like so far for 2017? Let’s take a look at some of the most noticeable changes in how website modifications and mobile optimization are being used.

Minimal design, more content

People want to read content, not be bedazzled by a bunch of graphics and visual elements. From the juicy details of a Twitter rampage to an insightful opinion piece, quality content and blogs with catchy headlines are what designers are focusing on to keep the audience’s attention. As for design, look at giants such as Google and you don’t have to think hard to realize that a more minimalistic approach to design is currently “in”. Keep it simple, less graphics, classic, bold font, and compelling content- it’s the 2017 jam.

Card design

We all fell in love with Pinterest’s “easy on the eyes” grid design, featuring separate cards for each pin. Card design and grid layouts are becoming more popular due to the simplicity they tout, the ease of organization and the responsiveness garnered from consumers. This type of web design won’t be going away anytime soon, and can be seen being used by the likes of Vice and Tumblr as well.

Stock photo decline

Let’s be real, do you even spend a millisecond captivated by a stock photo? Not me, unless it’s something so cheesy I have to muster up a chuckle. Let’s face it- stock photos aren’t taken seriously, let alone even looked at. They also erode trust, which can hurt business. Authentic, high quality photos are taking the gold in 2017, and with so many photography websites popping up- whether business or personal- it’s becoming easier to find beautiful photos to use for your website.