Top 4 Tips For Your Website to Make a Great First Impression

What’s the very first thing a person looks at once a website loads?

A study conducted by two researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology found it takes about 2.6 seconds for a person to focus on something specific on a page from the time it has finished loading.

Simplicity is Best 

Fancy and overly-detailed isn’t always the most appealing when it comes to captivating a viewer right off the bat. A website that is a hodgepodge of information can be overwhelming, and instead of reading through all the content, they will simply hit the next button. 

Keep your navigation to a minimum of five, clearly labeled tabs with around five to 10 pages organized under each appropriate tab.

Mobile Optimization 

In today’s day and age, smartphones and tablets rule when it comes to being able to browse online and find information quickly and efficiently. Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up a website on your smartphone that does not fit the page with tiny font that is impossible to read without squinting.

Mobile-optimize that thang! Consumers want a desktop experience when on their phone or tablet, with readily available information and easy website navigation.


Duh. It’s all about those keywords!


Don’t Hide That Contact Info

Have you ever wanted to reach out to a business or organization, but their contact information was hidden deep within the bowels of their website and it took you a good 10 minutes to find it? No bueno. Be open and clear with your contact information with a visible link at the top of the home page. Bonus: Don’t forget to add social links in the header and footer!

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