Tips to Design a Landing Page for Black Friday

Is your business ready for Black Friday 2021 and its younger sibling, Cyber Monday? The biggest shopping days of the year are creeping up, and as businesses prepare their promotions, it’s important to include a sound digital marketing strategy.

So what exactly can you do to prep your business? Whether you offer products or services, there are plenty of ways to grab end-of-the-year traffic and win consumer loyalty. One way to do this, is by designing a landing page for your business website geared towards Black Friday.

In this post, we share 3 essential tips to get your landing page just right.

Understand the Goal

Before dissecting your landing page to pieces, start by understanding the goal of this design. You want to convey a clear message to visitors and how your promotions benefit them.

Furthermore, you want to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Think of it in three easy steps

1. The visitor sees the offer on the landing page

2. The visitor understands the value

3. The visitor makes a purchase decision, which turns into a conversion.

Remember, making a Black Friday landing page isn’t just about sales. It’s the perfect time to gauge conversions and build a larger consumer base that carries on into the new year and beyond.

Keep it simple

We’ve all watched enough Black Friday news programs of stampedes in Walmart to know that this is an intense day. The deals are hot, the supplies are flying off the shelves, and shoppers are antsy to buy fast.

Therefore, it’s important to keep your landing page design simple and straightforward.

Create a banner that clearly advertises the promotion and what it entails. Place it in a spot where customers will see it immediately, such as at the top of the page. It needs to be transparent, concise, and built around providing consumers with a fast shopping experience.

Make your landing page pop with a plain background and sharp colors that make the product stand out. The product description should be easy to navigate to directly from the landing page.

Make it Fast

One of the biggest conversion killers is a slow landing page, and this is especially true for Black Friday. 

Remember that shoppers are in a rush to buy products before they sell out, so optimizing your landing page for speed should be a top priority.