This is Why You Should be Using Social Media Marketing

It’s one thing to have a polished, custom website for your business, but the physical website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multiple benefits that can be reaped through using online marketing, specifically with social media. According to Hubspot, 84% of inbound marketers prioritize social media marketing when it comes to garnering steady growth in their businesses.

Social media has come a long way from the good ol’ days of Myspace, when online profiles were a source of friendly interaction, not business focused. Today, social media has evolved ten-fold as a prominent marketing tool that is creative, cost effective and highly engaging.

So, why is everyone turning to social media for marketing success?

It can help drive traffic to your website

Your target audience is out there, waiting to be reached. You’ve got a beautiful custom website with carefully designed pages begging to be viewed. Social media posts can help you reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. A clever post can drive hundreds or even thousands of viewers in a matter of days.

It gives insight into who your customers are and what they want

Social media came along for people to well, be social online. Interact with your customers and build a relationship with tools that give you a unique look at who your customers are, what they like to share online and why they want your business. Not only that, but your customers will learn about your business’ personality and style through posts, pictures, status updates, etc., giving them more of a personal connection as well. People will always be more interested in what you have to say, as opposed to just reading another advertisement.

Social media can be successfully utilized by almost anyone

Some brands are big and some are just getting started, but with social media marketing- everyone is kind of at the same level. You don’t need a robust ad budget to get your brand out there. Witty posts, attention grabbers and well-written content will entertain followers and get your brand launched.

And, best of all…

It’s free! If you manage your own social media accounts, harnessing the incredible marketing power won’t put a major dent in your wallet. Get your website and brand name out there and start driving traffic by incorporating the use of social media in your online marketing campaign.

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