This is Why You Need a Website for Your Construction Business

Oftentimes if a construction company or contractor doesn’t have a website, it’s because they don’t see the value in it for their line of work. If they do have a website, they had their teenager make one for them on a free builder- yikes. 

The thing is, having a professionally designed website offers innumerable benefits for any type of business- especially construction. Here’s why…

You can build repertoire with your customers

From the design to the content you put out, your website is a reflection of your company’s unique personality. Add a blog, social media channels and maybe even a YouTube channel, and you can build a personable relationship with your customers that puts a human face to the brand.

Pro Tip: Construction companies and contractors can benefit from making their own easy DIY videos for YouTube. This is free advertising that gets your brand out there and who knows, you might end up being the next Tool Time!

You can showcase your work

People love to see what your business can do, and by having a website you can include a picture gallery with high quality images of your projects. This is also great for social media. You can create before and after sequences to share online with your followers and wow them with your building skills.

You make it easier for customers to find you

Say someone heard about your company by word of mouth. In 1990, they might have pulled out the Yellow Pages. In 2021, they’re pulling out their smartphone and consulting Google. You want potential customers to be able to find you quickly and easily. 

A website organizes all of your accurate contact information right on the landing page. You can even include a contact form or chat function for faster customer service. Offer a free instant quote that lets consumers calculate the cost of services right on your website.

With an SEO package you can rank on Google

For customers that don’t know who they want to work with, but hop on Google to do some research on different companies before making their decision, you’ll want your website to be one of the thousands of construction companies that lists on the first page of search results.

That’s where SEO is so crucial, and with a solid web design company, you can include content marketing and SEO in your package to help your website rank better on Google. 

Need more convincing? Studies show that 81% of people will turn to online research before choosing a company. Make sure your name is one of the first they see!

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