The Importance of Keywords

What is a keyword?

Keywords are common words or phrases that people use to search for information online. Businesses want to rank higher in the search results and can use keywords to do this. Say you want to search for a accommodation. Hotels will post content on their websites with keywords that are similar or the same as the words you type into the search engine, thus helping them rank high as one of the first businesses you might click on at the top of your search results.

There are two types of keywords: broad and long tail. Broad keywords consist of a common word or phrase that is widely used by others in your industry. Long tail keywords are more specific to your business and usually rank easier than broad keywords.

  • Keywords are crucial for shaping content: They should be scattered throughout the body of content with headings that loop back to appropriate keywords as well.  
  • Keywords help customers get the gist of your website: How many times have you skimmed the meta descriptions on search results and then clicked on one that had the same words that you searched for? These are keywords, and they get people to click!
  • Keywords and search engines work hand in hand: To understand what your pages are about, a search engine will make a distinction based on the keywords on your pages.

There are numerous ways to use keywords to turn your content into gold and if you still have questions, it’s easy to find answers. Need to revamp your business website to get it ranking at the top of search results? 904Technology can help you with any SEO questions you may have, with the expertise and online solutions to get customers clicking. Contact us today and learn about the services we offer.