The Big Do's and Don'ts of Christmas Web Design

Should you change up your web design during the holiday season? The answer is absolutely- it’s a great way to adapt services to your customers needs as the seasons change. However, holiday design is an intricate process. Too much can leave your website looking garish and cliché, while too little doesn’t elicit that holiday shopping deals excitement. 

In this blog post, we give our advice on what to do and what not to do when it comes to holiday web design.

Do Your Research

There’s a ton of competition out there as brands spice up their sites and clamor for customer attention. So how can you stand out without being too extra? 

Start by doing research for ideas and inspiration. Look at competitors websites and big brand websites to track trends. What did they do that was successful? What do customers want more or less of? 

Incorporate these elements into your web design and put your own unique twist on it to showcase your brand.

Do Incorporate Elements to Promote Deals

The big draw to websites during the holidays are the end-of-year deals shoppers are hungry for. You want to promote these deals with snappy visuals, whether it’s a pop up that appears a few seconds after the user lands on the landing page, or a bright header with a link that takes the user directly to the deals. 

Do Give Content a Refresher

Another way to get customers into your brand’s holiday spirit is by also updating your content. Rewrite product descriptions and change up images. Use these images on social media to connect customers to your website and find what they’re looking for. 

Don’t Use the Same Old Holiday Imagery

Snowmen, candy canes, couples in the snow wearing mittens…how many times have we seen these images? Get unique with your holiday images so they really stand out and catch attention. Opt for an edgy color palette or create your own illustrations…there are so many ways to get creative and put your own spin images.

Don’t Go the Same Design Route With Mobile

Remember that many consumers use their smartphones to shop, but the experience needs to be simplified. Focus on making your mobile website easy to navigate and fast, without too much attention put on flashy holiday elements.