The 4 Crucial Basics for a Super Product Page

Ecommerce is what the modern shopping world is all about. With the soaring rise of online shopping comes the competitive side of businesses vying for customers through clever web design.

Once you come up with a design for your landing page, it’s time to focus on how you’ll display your products. It may seem easy- just post the product pictures and prices- but attention to detail is often overlooked.

What does it take to get those shopping carts full? Deciding how your products are presented is highly important, as well as how easy they are to navigate. Start with these 4 crucial steps to lay the foundation for a stunning page.

Encourage photos from real buyers

Stock photos and professional, airbrushed photo shoots only go so far to display the greatness of a product. Customers are wondering, “What will this sweater look like on my body?” They want to trust you. Credibility must be built. To do this, allow real buyers to upload and add their own product photos to their reviews. This gives shoppers a diverse range of perspective on the potential of the product.

Ratings & reviews are king

Online shoppers rely heavily on ratings and reviews to make a decision regarding a product. That’s why this element of your site should be displayed somewhere on the page where it easily stands out. Make it the first thing a shopper will see when they click on the product, whether it’s at the top of the page or outlined with a bold font or stars.

Point out your shop policies

Take the time to outline the policies of your shop and make it easily accessible. A good way to do this is to put pertinent info right on the product page. Some policy examples include details for shipping, sales and returns.

Make contact easy

If shoppers have questions, customer service shouldn’t be a hassle. Besides placing a “Contact Us” button throughout the website, make sure it is easy to find on a mobile version as well. Lay out clear cut info on how the customer can reach you and be adamant about answering back in a timely manner.