The 101: What is PPC Marketing?

You might’ve heard about pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It’s become an integral part of driving online business and if you’re beginning to dip your toes into this digital business world, there’s no doubt that you’ve dabbled or least pondered what PPC can do for your business.

We’ll break down PPC marketing in a series of posts that make it easy to understand for beginners. In this first post, we’ll go over the basics that answer the question: What is PPC marketing?

It’ll give you the jumpstart you need to make the best decisions regarding what route to take with your marketing and ultimately launch a successful campaign.

Definition: Pay-Per-Click Marketing

In the simplest terms, this is an avenue of internet marketing where advertisers display their ads on a website and they pay the website owner every time a visitor clicks on their ad via the website.

Search engines, such as Google, is an excellent example of popular PPC marketing. Advertisers will bid to place ads within a search engine’s sponsored links. Then, it’ll materialize when a visitor searches for a particular keyword that correlates with the advertisers business in question.

So, if there is an advertiser placing ads about purple hippos, when someone searches “purple hippos for sale” their ad will pop up in the top spot of the search results. Once that ad is clicked, the advertiser must pay the search engine a fee.

And that my friends is the basic definition about what PPC marketing is and how it works. You might be asking yourself, “So how will it benefit me if I just end up paying a fee every time I get a visitor. I’m just buying visitors when I can be getting them organically, right?”

PPC marketing is more beneficial than you may initially think. We’ll explore how it can benefit you in the next 904Technology blog!