SEO Trends for 2019 You Need to Know

Online business is all about SEO, and it won’t stop anytime soon. Algorithms and the way websites are ranked are constantly changing. How can you stay one foot ahead of the curve when it comes to what works and what doesn’t?

Here are some of the hottest SEO trends for 2019 that might change the way your website ranks.

Always put your audience first

Who is your audience? This is the biggest question you always need to focus on when updating your SEO strategy. Does your audience prefer videos or images? Whatever it may be, reach out using content that pertains to them. Enhance your visitors quest using the simplest, yet most informative way possible and search engines will pick up on it.

Look beyond website searches

Google is king when it comes to website searches, but what if people are searching for apps or podcasts? Don’t put all of your energy into website search engines. In 2019, it’s smart to look at other resources, such as Apple and Amazon, or at least think outside the box with where people are searching for content.

Content is alive, well and mandatory

Google loves quality content, and we don’t mean the traditional blog post. Go above and beyond by reaching out to your audience with written content that strives to solve a problem, motivate or connect. Websites with in-depth content have soared in rankings, showing that it’s more important than ever to make exceptional writing a priority.

On-page optimization is a must

In 2019, on-page optimization is picking up speed, with incredible results. This includes answering frequently asked questions, customer support, easy navigation, internal search that provides valid results and shorter conversions. Keep your eyes on web design and content, it’s all about what the audience wants and how fast and simple their online experience will be that decides ranking potential.