Our Best Black Friday Marketing Tips

Black Friday is just around the corner! Are you planning on offering a special promo on business services or products during this time of shopping mayhem? 

With online shopping surging ahead as the preferred way to shop (especially since you can skip out on the long lines, deadly stampedes and vicious cat fights) taking advantage of Black Friday with savvy website marketing is more vital than ever.

Here’s our best tips to help you get a game plan in motion!

Start early

Don’t wait a few days before Black Friday to let your customers know what you have to offer. Start advertising what you have in stock, which popular items will be restocked and the latest features. 

Email sign up

Never underestimate the effectiveness of an email sign up. Create a form that’s easy to navigate, popping up so visitors can be dazzled by upcoming deals, then sign up for emails to for updates on Black Friday happenings. Once they’ve subscribed, chances are you’ll have them visiting again even after Black Friday ends.

Research, research, research

What are your competitors offering for Black Friday? Do your research, then offer something even better! You need to grab your customers attention and really get them clicking the ‘checkout’ button without a second thought. You don’t have to beat a discount- get creative. Offer a special free gift with every purchase or something unique. For example, you could offer 10 of your best products for a set price of $10 each.

Build the excitement

Black Friday is all about the anticipation. Think about developing and launching a teaser campaign. This involves giving the audience clues, but not revealing the actual deal details too soon. For example, let’s look at our 10 for 10 idea. You can advertise that you will have 10 of the hottest items for $10, but slowly release what each item is, day by day leading up to Black Friday, via social media.