Online Marketing: How to Boost Sales During the Holidays

It’s not new knowledge that the holidays are the golden egg for retail businesses. And now, with online shopping becoming the norm, marketing your business website is more important than ever. In fact, in 2017 e-commerce revenue hit $108.2 billion, which surpassed predictions.

Coming up with a fierce online marketing strategy takes quite a bit of effort, no doubt. Time is ticking, consumers are frantically scanning internet sales to finish their gift shopping and the competition is rife.

How can you get your business out there and cash in on the most lucrative shopping period of the year? Here are 4 marketing tips to get your website headed in the right direction.

Offer discounts

In 2018, people are experts at shopping online. They’ve got a list of websites selling the specific item they desire, and they are looking for the best bargain to acquire it.

Most of the time, it comes down to the promotions offered by the business that will dictate a consumer’s click on that checkout button. That’s why it’s important to brainstorm ideas for discounts. Do this by research. Check out competitors and what they are offering. You could feature a single, tempting discount or a series of promotions that change after a short period of time, so shoppers need to take advantage before it ends. Free shipping is also a smart move!

Mobile optimization

We cannot stress enough how important it is to optimize your website for shoppers. In 2017, mobile shopping was estimated at $35 billion, and this year it is predicted that mobile shopping will pass desktop shopping for the first time in history. Make sure your mobile site is easy to navigate, all the kinks are worked out and it’s fast.

Tempt with Christmas Spirit

What shapes our Christmas perception the most? Childhood memories- that’s what. Tap into those good ol days when Santa was real and missing school because of all the snow was the best thing ever. When you design your marketing campaign, go for a website design that reminds consumers of these memories. Old time Santa pictures, fonts and traditional Christmas colors will get them feeling nostalgic and in the mood to give.

Be email savvy

This is an extremely busy time for shoppers. Design your email campaign to make things easy for them. Create a gift guide to give ideas and put them in the email, then flank them with Call-To-Action buttons so they can shop fast and seamlessly.