Keep Your SEO Rankings High After a Website Redesign

It’s smart to give your business website modifications in order to refresh appearance, improve conversion rates and enhance user experience.  If you’ve decided it’s time to get creative, it’s important to consider SEO- after all, a huge part of a business website is how quickly customers find you via search engines.

What does a redesign have to do with SEO, you ask? By changing certain elements and deleting/ rewriting content, this can have a serious impact on your SEO rankings.

We can all agree that a periodical redesign is definitely necessary, but it’s important to boost SEO for ranking preservation. How can you achieve this? Read on for a complete checklist!

Stop and analyze

Before you move ahead with any website modifications, do an in depth analysis of the overall performance. This includes functions such as keyword significance, domain standing, sales, bounce rate and unique follower count. In other words, you want to separate what works from what doesn’t work, then make the necessary adjustments when moving ahead with the modifications. There’s no reason to keep strategies that haven’t produced results, right?

Content flush

The content on your website is a high SEO driver that you need to be meticulous with before diving into modifications. Analyze all pages and blog posts to see which ones get the most likes, comments and shares by followers. These pages help bolster your SEO rankings and need to be preserved with your redesign. For example, inbound links especially drive traffic and referrals from search engines, so deleting pages with a lot of these links can potentially  hurt your rankings. 

Set SEO goals

After you’ve done a complete top to bottom analysis, set goals for your website redesign. What do you want to achieve when it comes to SEO? Whether you hope to increase the number of unique visitors, boost keyword rankings or or target organic traffic rather than paid traffic, this is vital to help shape and evolve your business through streamlined marketing tactics.