Is a Meet the Team Page Worth it?

Why does a business design a website in the first place? Perhaps you sell products online or offer services. However, the biggest benefit of going online is to build a lasting connection with your consumers.

Consumers need trust to make a buying decision, and that’s what websites, online marketing, and social media allow a business to build. The more you share with your consumers about the faces behind the service helps foster a human persona that people can relate to.

That’s why it’s absolutely worth it to add a Meet the Team page on your website! 

What is a Meet the Team Page?

This page shares personable details about the people who run a business. It can include portrait photos of each team member and a description of their job and background.

It’s a great way to showcase experience and passion for the business, a real-life perspective that people can trust.

5 Tips for Making a Meet the Team Page

1. Get creative: You don’t have to stick to a standard layout. Add something unique, like a fun fact or favorite quote about each team member.

2. Show off a bit: Include accomplishments that instill faith that this person is an expert in what they do.

3. Go the extra mile with separate team pages: It might seem extra to make a specific page for each team member, but this can have a positive effect on SEO rankings. If someone searches for a person’s name, your business website will pop up due to their page.

4. Keep it high quality: Retire the smartphone camera and have a professional portrait photographer come into the office for a picture day. High-quality photos always appeal more to internet users and can speak to the overall quality of the website and company.

5. Get social: Depending on your company’s personality, consider adding social media links, which invite consumers to get more insight into your team.