How Will Mobile Optimization Change in 2020?

Mobile optimization is the way in which your website appears to the visitors on a mobile phone as opposed to a desktop. Special design considerations are taken into account to ensure that the mobile user experience is easy and pleasant.

It can also be argued that mobile optimization is one of the most important marketing tools of our time. Studies show that in the US, individuals spend at least 3.6 hours a day on their phones, and that’s a stat that is only increasing.

Mobile optimization should be on your radar if you do a lot of business from your website. As 2020 is upon us, keep on top of the digital trends by upgrading the way users view your site via phone.

Virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality is officially a thing (an important thing). Big name brands, such as Google, are using 3D effects to let users view objects in the space around them. This is definitely a trend that is getting more notice and will gain traction in the future.

Bold colors

Remember when Instagram changed their icon to something splashed with colors and gradients? This trend is only picking up speed, as other brands jump on the bold bandwagon. Vibrant colors stand out, especially on a phone screen. 

Native advertising is growing

Native advertising on mobile phones appears in the form of sponsored ads, blog posts, recommendations or branded articles. Considered non-intrusive to the user experience, this type of mobile advertising is predicted to increase in popularity. Native ads (also called content marketing) is custom quality, doesn’t bug the user to make a purchase and encompasses the unique persona of a brand. 

Look out for mobile fraud

Unfortunately, scammers are out there and are constantly coming up with new, savvy ways to create false data that muddies the actual results of a marketing campaign. This happens via bots and fake profiles. Be aware of the number of real clicks and installs, partnering with a professional who is well versed in fraudulent online practices to give valuable insight and distinguish the real from the fake.