How to Use Google Analytics Like a Pro

Google Analytics. Maybe you’ve heard of it or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve even installed it on your business website and poked around a bit. Regardless, this is a vital tool for any business owner to incorporate into their online advertising strategy to help build your brand towards reaching your ultimate goals.

If you’re a beginner to Google Analytics, don’t fret- once you dive in, you’ll learn invaluable ways to help you sufficiently monitor web traffic. Here are 3 big time tips to get you started.

What can you use Google Analytics for?

It’s amazing what you can learn about your visitors! Here are just a few of the functions…

  • Monitor the number of visitors to your website.
  • See where your visitors come from.
  • See if there are other websites sending traffic to your website.
  • Compare which pages are the most popular.
  • Analyze the success of marketing tactics.
  • See which visitors converted into leads or customers.

How do you install Google Analytics?

If you already use Google for email, Drive or any other function, then you already have a Google account and can get analytics for free. Follow the provided steps and fill in the necessary information to set everything up first. You can have up to 50 websites under your account. Take some time to navigate all of the functions and set up your website(s) as you see fit. Once complete, you’ll receive a tracking code to insert on each page of your website.

How to set up Goals

By utilizing the Goals tool on Google Analytics, you are able to adequately track the results of your online business. Setting up goals allows you to pick and choose what exactly you want to pursue with GA, whether it’s tracking the number of visitors, conversions, leads and sales. Follow the steps on the Goals setting to customize- you can set up to 20 per site. This tool is important to consider for your website, as it focuses on the specifics of your long term business objective for converting traffic.