How to Tell if it's Time for Website Modifications

Investing in a good lookin’ website is nothing to scoff at, in fact, it’s your secret weapon for mesmerizing potential consumers with a first impression of your business that keeps them clicking for more. Perhaps you already have a website, one you painstakingly poured money and love into years ago.You’re confident that website is a timeless beauty and doesn’t need to be modified. Well, you’re wrong, compadre.

If you have a website already, keep up with the latest marketing trends and consumer needs by administering smart design modifications for ultimate visual and content appeal. Implementing website modifications doesn’t mean you need to ditch your branding and original graphic design elements either, just a makeover so your site runs smoothly and targets your marketing goals. How do you know if it’s time to detach from the old and court the new? The experts at 904Technology advise you to ask yourself  these vital questions.  

Are you pleased with your results?

For a minute, focus on the big picture. Over the lifespan of your website, has it attracted visitors and established a healthy client base? This should be the top goal and if the data isn’t pointing in that direction, it’s time to take a look at conversion rates (visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer) to figure out what needs some necessary poking and prodding. Do your webpages resemble a wall of never ending words? It’s time to tame the content overgrowth and keep things witty and concise. Evaluate whether your call-of-action is indeed calling forth action, discover what works and doesn’t work, then modify and refresh.

Is your website user friendly?

We’ve all been there; casually browsing online when all of a sudden, you stumble upon a website that tickles your fancy. But then, as you try to navigate the site, it just doesn’t seem to work, and disappointment sets in. Can the user find the basic information, such as contact details, on your site? Are your products and services up-to-date? I don’t know about you, but when I’m drawn to a website and find it’s not too user friendly, I click “bye bye” and don’t look back. Nothing is as frustrating in today’s world of the interwebs than a website that is dysfunctional. A well-designed website should have the user experience ingrained for a clean cut result that’s bottom line: easy to use.

Does your content stink….

Yea I said it. Sometimes it’s all in the content to make a website radiate. The power of carefully crafted words on a well-polished website not only ropes consumers in, but fills the gap between visual appeal and words to keep their eyes attentively glued. What with changing algorithms and even the continued evolution of your business, it’s extremely important to enable content to lead the way in enlightening visitors and ensures that it’s easy to find in the search engines. Amp up your content strategy by implementing monthly blogs, perfect for sharing the latest news of your business, making other content on your website easy to discover and keeping that interaction with your client base on a more personal level.