How to Target Your Audience by Growing Your Facebook Group

From running to cooking and everything in between, Facebook Groups enable Facebook users to interact with each other regarding common interests.

And, it’s not only for hobbies and cat videos.

Plenty of businesses utilize Facebook Groups to pinpoint their audience and grow their base. You can do the same! We’ll show you how in this post.

First of all, ask WHO

It goes without saying, but before you create your group you need to ask yourself who the group is for. Who are you trying to target? Naturally, you want to attract followers who will convert into leads for your business.

Then, ask WHAT

When mulling over ideas for what your group will be about, think of the needs of your customers and how that group can help them find the answers to meet their needs.

Don’t be afraid to get specific, either. This cancels out the random group members and attracts your targets instead. 

For example, a Facebook Group titled “Tutoring For Kids” is broad. But if you say “Math tutoring for kids” instead, you’ll get connected with the right crowd for your business.

Pro Tip: To make it easier for people to find your group, consider tossing a keyword into your group name. For example, “Math tutoring in Orlando” is a common keyword phrase that people might type into the Facebook search bar.

Once you create your group, there are numerous tools to help you learn about your target audience. Here are some great tips…

- Use the questions feature, which prompts new members to answer specific questions before they can join the group. This allows you to see if they are indeed interested in the common theme, and a potential customer.

- Since Facebook groups are private for members only, you might want to consider making a Facebook page for your business, too. This is public and allows you to promote your business with ads.

- Use a social media scheduling tool to create and schedule Facebook posts. This is a great time saver!