How to Step Up Your Instagram Game

What began as a pleasant social media platform to share personal photographs with friends has now blossomed into a digital marketing mecca which has given rise to the likes of Instagram celebrities and a way for businesses to reach a wider audience. For businesses, Instagram offers a unique way to connect and interact with customers through creative content, strengthening your marketing game in a world where everyone’s eyes are glued to their smartphones.

The thing is, Instagram isn’t as simple as posting a pretty picture of your morning coffee. There are tricks and tips that need to be followed in order to promote engagement and followers. Here’s how you can make your Instagram game stronger!

 Post EVERY day

 Consistency is king when it comes to IG, and that means posting once or twice a day, at times when your target audience will most likely be online (think mornings and evenings). Don’t skip the weekends either- keeping fresh content rolling consistently will take your brand further and help you gain followers.


 We all know about hashtags, but using them on Instagram is essential- it’s what helps your post reach the right audience. Come up with a signature hashtag for your business and search Instagram tags for the most popular ones relating to your unique business. Include those on every post! Some people use 20 to even 30 hashtags, but it’s debatable whether this is necessary. Other big time Instagramers believe too many looks tacky, suggesting a modest five to 10 to get the most out of your post. Experimentation is key here!

 Quality Content

 Sometimes businesses forget that Instagram is for photography. That means it’s extremely important to invest in quality content. The more visually stunning your pictures are, the more likes, comments and followers you will attract. Make sure to mix it up and schedule your posts weekly. Create posts that get followers to interact, like offering giveaways and special deals in exchange for likes, shares and follows.


 In order to generate legitimate likes, comments and follows, you need to put the time in doing the same for others. Follow at least 30 new (similar) accounts each day and comment and like others pictures daily. Stay within the genre of your account to build a true follower base and soon a solid community will emerge without the bots and spam.