How to Make Online Customer Service Count

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business. It’s what the consumer will remember most and possibly be what sets a business apart from the competitors. It shapes the overall online shopping experience.

If online shoppers have questions or concerns, the first thing they’ll do is look for that contact button. From that point on, customer service needs to be fast on the intake and outtake.

How can you ensure your business website is providing the best customer service experience? This is how you can improve web design and marketing to make it a high point for a shopper.

Multi-channel options rule

Obviously everyone communicates differently. Whether it’s by preference or necessity, you want to provide your customers with multiple ways to reach you. This can be through social media, email, phone calls or live chat. By providing more than one channel, your customers know that you are available to help them via the way they want to connect.

Speaking of live chat…

Studies show that this is the most preferred means of customer service for a multitude of reasons, with these being at the top:

- Questions get answered immediately

- Customers can multitask

- The information is better than by email

- The customer is in control of the conversation

Live chat let’s a customer connect quickly, resolve issues right away instead of waiting for an email and provide instant stress relief regarding returns and other payment problems.

Be proactive

This tip never gets FAST and EFFICIENT with getting back to your customers, whether it’s returning a call, message on Instagram or email. This is always the big make-or-break for what is considered to be optimal customer service. They will remember a business that doesn’t answer them and they will go to another business for it or (cringe) leave a nasty online review.

Web design pro

Have you ever spent too much time trying to find the contact information on a business website? Please make it easy to locate it via web design. A complicated navigation sequence leads to a customer’s frustration and ultimately, giving up all together. Put the contact page right in the main menu and also at the bottom of each page.