How to Get More Email Subscriptions

We’ve all gotten pop ups on business and eCommerce websites asking to supply an email address for a monthly newsletter subscription. Most of the time, you probably click out of it, but sometimes, an exceptionally witty one will catch your eye and prompt you to subscribe.

A monthly newsletter keeps your customers “in the club” so to speak. If they’ve visited your website once, email reminders sharing news, deals and discount codes will keep reminding them of your awesome business.

Coaxing a visitor to sign up for emails is tricky, though. It takes some clever content and web design to capture attention without being too annoying.

Here’s 6 of the best tips to help you navigate your way to a successful newsletter sign up.

1. Incentives: “Sign up now and get 10% off your first order”...this is an example of an incentive. And, it works! Offer visitors something and they’ll be hitting ‘subscribe’ in no time.

2. One-click sign up: By taking potential subscribers from one page to another to fill out multiple boxes, you’re risking losing them, as no one wants to go through all the steps. Instead, put your data capture form on the initial page, as a footer, header or pop up.

3. Sweepstakes: A savvy way to get sign ups is to run a contest. Make it a requirement to subscribe if someone wants the chance to win the cool prize that’s up for grabs.

4. Keep it short: No one wants to spend time reading through a bunch of fluff. How about only asking for the email address?

5. Add it to your blog: Or, to the comments section. This is another great placement option to get your newsletter sign up noticed.

6. Give them a taste: If you will be debuting a new service or product, dangle a sneak peek to customers. Offer them an exclusive look at what’s to come, pre order option or a special deal that they can only get by signing up for the newsletter.