How to Design the Perfect About Us Page

The About Us page is one of the most frequented pages on a business website, but sadly it can also be one of the dullest if attention is not given to it. A lot of times, business owners fail to recognize the significance of this page, but on the contrary, visitors are quite curious to learn about the company they might be interested in buying from.

Also, writing content for the About Us page is easier said than done. You’re walking a fine line between self glorifying and convincing a visitor to trust you. How can you paint a worthy picture of yourself and business? Here are our top tips.

Think about your audience and not yourself

It’s easy to think about yourself first- it’s human nature. But, this won’t work for a star About Us. Start by opening the content with sentences that highlight the challenges and objectives of the target audience, like why they came to your website. This shows that you put their needs first and builds trust.

Go with the facts

Another way not to sound boastful is to state the cold hard facts. Instead of saying you are highly experienced, share the number of years you’ve been in the industry. Some other figures you can throw in there include your client retention rate, the number of products you offer or any awards you’ve won.

Don’t let visitors only take your word for it

The About Us page stands out more with the words of others added. I’m talking about customer testimonials. Add a couple to this page to show the seller/buyer relationship. Make sure to set testimonials up as quotes with quotation marks, the speaker’s name and any other info that adds credibility.

Get personal

Customers want to see the face of the company they are interested in. Don’t be afraid to add other forms of media to this page and get creative. Make a video- this is a great way to bring the voices, actions and setting of the company to life. Include photos and a short bio about the faces behind the business or infographics that highlight the story and mission of the business.