Here's How to Promote Your New Content

So, you just put the finishing touches on your new blog post and hit the good ol’ publish button. You are hoping it will boost your brand awareness and help get your website ranked on Google. It’s a great piece of content marketing, but first, it needs to reach your audience.

After new content is published, the work doesn’t stop there. Now, you need to promote it as much as possible. How can you get your content marketing out to the masses? Here are 4 simple tips.

Send an email

Duh! Email blasts are old news, but they work. What better way to share your blog than with a list of subscribers interested in what you have to say? The tricky part is getting them to open the email, of course. Put focus on how you introduce the post in the email’s subject line. Get creative and grab attention with emojis, a quote or a statistic.

Paid ads

You’ll have to dish out some cash for paid ads, but they get you straight to your audience for a fast connection. Facebook Ads, for example, find your audience based on profiles that have already connected with your brand before, and profiles with specific demographics.

Share, share, share

Sharing your new content on all of your social media profiles should be the first thing you do. It’s free, instantly shows up on newsfeeds and can be shared by others.

Transform words into video

It’s been shouted from the rooftops for awhile now that video is the next revolution in content marketing. Consumers and followers would rather watch a short video than take the time to read about products. If you have a bunch of blogs and no videos, that’s ok. You don’t have to start from scratch! Use old blogs that were successful and use them as the base for your videos. You can also turn them into infographics.