Follow the Trend: The Benefits of a Dark Website Design

Dark or black website designs are a 2019 web design trend that is continuing to gain traction in 2020. Web designers are always looking for innovative ways to stand out from the pack and captivate internet users, which is definitely a huge “YES” for black-background websites. It’s going in the opposite direction of what we are used to seeing, so that is attention getting in itself. But, there are other visual benefits that can make your website unforgettable with a darker design. 

If you’re looking to make a statement with your business website design, perhaps darker hues might be right down your alley. Here are some more benefits to consider.

Easy Readability

When you pair light colored text and headings with a black background, it makes it easier for users to read. But, you need to pay attention to where text is placed, as this is what can make readability tricky. Use bold, light colors and place it where distraction by other elements- like images- isn’t a problem. One of the other benefits of light text against a black background is that it draws immediate attention to the call to action.

Visually Striking

The human brain is an interesting organ, but colors are one way to captivate and keep attention. It’s already unfamiliar to see a dark website, so that alone piques curiosity. As well, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a pop of bright color. This keeps your website lively and fun. Just don’t overdo it. It’s recommended to keep it to 3 color choices. With dark websites, minimalism is the key, putting all the focus on the website’s content and branding instead.

Majestic & Minimal

Remember how we touched on minimalism in the last point? With dark websites you don’t need to get flustered with a content-laden interface, like with a white background. Visually, black colors are smooth and laid back, with very little needed to keep attention- it’s all in the light/dark contrast. With a minimal design, your website stands out as stylish, majestic and organized.