Do You Know Your Online Marketing Lingo?

All because you’re new to web design in Jacksonville and online marketing in Jacksonville doesn’t mean you need to be out of the loop regarding what it’s all about! 

Perhaps you’ve partnered up with the best digital marketing company in Jacksonville, and are relying on them to make the brand magic happen. Stay on top of your Jax business marketing with this simple guide to some of the most important marketing terms to understand.

  • CMS: This stands for Content Management System, referring to a web application that makes it easy for users who do not know HTML to build web pages on a website. 
  • Analytics: This is the analysis of traffic data, reports and other pertinent info from your business website. 
  • Blog: This is the clever coin from the words ‘web log’. It’s basically like an online journal, where content writers create short entries on a website for users to read, share and interact.
  • Conversion rate: People visit your website, and the conversion rate helps track how many of those visitors end up buying or subscribing on your website. This is called conversion, and the conversion rate measures the percentage of visitors that just clicked and viewed compared to those that clicked and bought something.
  • Ranking algorithm: This system found on search engines, like Google, determines how your website ranks depending on keywords.
  • SEO: This stands for Search Engine Optimization. By focusing on keywords and content marketing, this helps your website rank high up on search engine results. 
  • Social media: These networks allow users to make a personal profile and interact with friends through comments, reactions and picture sharing. Before, social media was purely social. Now, it has turned into a leading tool for online marketing.
  • Web Application: This is a database-driven web site, that allows the user to undertake an action, such as using a virtual shopping cart.
  • Mobile optimization: Enhancing the visitor experience to your website not only on a desktop, but on a tablet or cell phone.