Beginner’s Tips to Make Your Google Business Profile Get Clicks

Do you have a Google Business Profile for your company? If not, what are you waiting for…it’s a powerful way to leverage customer reviews and boost your SEO ranking on Google search results.

What is Google Business Profile?

Let’s look at an example. Say you want to order Thai food for dinner. You go to Google and search for the best Thai food in your area. Google does its thing and quickly gathers all of its info on Thai food, displaying the results ranked according to the credible content provided. The top results have their Google Business Profile on display.

The Google Business Profile shows images, a map, customer reviews, business hours, contact information, and more. The higher up your profile is on the results, the more it bolsters your company’s reputation and locks it in as a quality choice for consumers.

How can You Make Your Google Business Profile Shine?

The first step to your Google Business Profile is verifying that you have one. This can be accomplished by searching for your business and observing the profile that pops up- the one Google has on tap for you.

You’ll need to verify it’s your business before digging into the elements and polishing it up. After it’s verified, use all of the elements to your advantage. The more information you can supply to customers, the better it will do on ranking.

The most important elements include having a header, offer, images, a Google Maps location, contact information, and customer reviews. Don’t forget that when a customer leaves a review, it helps to reply back, whether it’s positive or negative!

Images are one of the main ways you can draw customers in and give a visual impression of what your business can do. For examples, restaurants often post images of their menu and dishes. Subcontractors can show before and after shots of completed projects.