Are You Using Facebook Ads in 2020? Here Are the Tips You Need to Know

What do you need to know about Facebook advertising in our most favorite year- 2020 (insert a big, fat HAHA)? Here are the hottest tips, coming in fast and furious.

1. Video

If you haven’t heard already, video is the star of 2020 when it comes to advertising. In fact, a HubSpot study found that 85% of consumers are more apt to buy a product after watching a video ad about it.

2. Go automatic

On Facebook, there are several placement options that let you choose where your ad is displayed. Some give better results than others, but the safest bet is to go with automatic placements (especially if you’re after conversions), because Facebook will optimize your campaign and place it in locations where people are looking for the type of products you’re offering.

3. Download Facebook Pixel

This one is huge! Facebook Pixel will allow you to track visitor actions on your website and also allow you to retarget based upon those actions.

4. Build the Facebook Group

Organic reach on Facebook is slim pickings, but it’s still worthwhile to create a Facebook Group for your business. When followers join your group, they will see a lot of the ads that you post.

5. Get those Facebook page likes

The classic Facebook page is not dead. In fact, it serves to build credibility on the very platform you are using for your ad campaign. So, go ahead and create that Facebook page and encourage followers to hit that ‘like’ button. 

6. Customer service on Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an invaluable communication tool for providing customer support. A lot of times, someone who has seen your ad might have questions about the product before buying. Chatting on Messenger is a fast, free and easy way to respond swiftly and convert. 

7. Keep an eye on ad frequency

When Facebook ads are shown to your target audience too many times, viewers start to lose interest. If your ads aren’t performing as you hoped, check out how often they are running and adjust as necessary.