Advice on Restaurant Website Design During the Covid-19 Crisis

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants are faced with a new set of challenges in order to change and adapt. From adding food delivery services to switching up opening hours, one thing is abundantly clear: having an online presence is a must.

Even though businesses are slowly opening up, the journey to normalcy is still a work in progress. How can restaurants implement a successful online strategy to keep customers fed and happy?

If your restaurant is being impacted by Covid-19, then a good first step is to uphold consistent communication with your customers. You can do this by:

Pizza restaurant website

Website Modifications

Whether you plan on undertaking the task yourself or looking for professional web design services, it’s a good time to sit down and consider the various elements of your current design.

  • Consolidate the most important information on your homepage, including the services you’re offering with a call to action.
  • Use SEO services to make it easier for customers to search for you online.
  • Keep your content positive and be sensitive to the current situation- include a message concerning the recent global situation and how you will be providing services.

Get active on social media

One of the best ways to stay in touch with customers is via social media. Stay consistent with Instagram posts and make sure you are using high quality photos. Now is a good time to start posting videos, if you haven’t already. It helps personalize your business and builds trust with customers.

Check your Google business profile and make sure the contact information is up to date. This is most likely one of the main ways that customers will reach out to you.

Picture of a rice dish on a tablet

Show customers their dining options

On-site dining is on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer others ways to provide meals to customers. This is another important element to add to your restaurant website design. 

Make it clear and easy for customers to choose their dining options on the homepage. This may be in the form of curbside pick-up, delivery, online ordering or call ahead ordering.

If these are new services you’re offering, make your contact information readily accessible and modify any online order tools that won’t take much time to scroll and find quickly.