A Guide to Making a LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn has come a long way from being a social platform for professionals to share their resumes for jobs. Now, it’s transformed into a nifty tool for small businesses to network, stay on top of trends, and uncover customer leads.

So how can you make the most of LinkedIn for your small business? We give you our best tips to get started! Let’s dive in.

Start by Creating a Profile Page

Just like with any other social platform, you’ll start by creating a profile page for your business. On LinkedIn, they have what’s called Company Pages, which is definitely where you should post up. 

These pages tend to rank high on search results! Company pages also provide metrics on your posts and demographic information about your followers, giving you insight into your target audience.

Include basic information about your business, especially your mission statement and a professional profile picture

Don’t forget to make a personal profile as well- customers love to see the “human” face behind a business. Sprinkle keywords (words/phrases that relate to your business) throughout both profiles to boost SEO.

Put Time Into Building Connections

We are not talking about sending out a bunch of sales pitches, here. So how can you make connections on LinkedIn? 

Instead of a “cold” call, focus on making your pitch “warm” by touching on common interests and connections that you both share. This shows interest in their company, and then you can offer your help.

For a connection base, start by importing your email book and sending requests to connections you already have. LinkedIn also displays a “People You May Know” section on your homepage to see business connections you’ve interacted with before.

Finally, check out the “People Also Viewed” section on a current connection’s profile to reach out to new connections with similar interests.

Recommendations & Endorsements

This section on your profile page shouldn’t be overlooked, because it’s basically the same as a testimonial. 

When a connection writes a recommendation or endorses a skill, it shows potential customers that you are reliable, experienced, and reputable, boosting your chances of snagging some business.

To up your recommendation/endorsement game, start by handing out a few of your own. Click through your connections and where appropriate, give your comrades an endorsement or write a recommendation that’s short and descriptive, highlighting the person’s skills and performance.