A Guide to Creating a Smart Logo for Your Brand

A logo can be but a couple of words or even a simple graphic, but sometimes simplicity isn’t all that...simple. A brand’s logo is important because it embodies everything that a company is about, from visual identity to the mission. It can be difficult to come up with the perfect logo, but these simple steps can help get you started on the right path and get those creative juices flowing.

Take a deep breath and take a seat

Having that eureka moment takes some thought and time. Sit down and begin by toying around with words or a sentence that summarizes your brand. Write out a mission statement. Take a look at some of your favorite big name brands and their logos for inspiration. There are different designs to play around with: Will you go with a graphic? Font design? Remember, you want to successfully communicate to consumers the unique persona behind the brand and why they should remember it.

Colors can be costly

It’s understandable and vital that your logo needs to stand out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean using a myriad of colors. Keep in mind the price of printing color when it comes time to unveil your vivid new logo- it can get pricey. Keep your logo clean and functional- one that’s scalable and easy to reproduce, all while being distinctive. Try to keep it at three colors max.

Still stuck? Leave it to the professionals

Perhaps coming up with a mind blowing logo just ain’t your cup of tea. No sweat! That’s what the professionals are for. Turning to a reputable web design company or a copywriter is a good place to start. They will work with you to come up with something that perfectly defines your brand, while checking the boxes of do’s and don’ts for logo success.