8 Ways to Promote Holiday Deals on Your Website

Holiday season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to roll out those promotions! If you’re late to the game, don’t worry- there are numerous ways to quickly and easily elevate your brand’s online presence so customers start taking notice of the deals you’re dishing. We share 8 ideas in this post!

1. Refresh your content: Optimize your website copy, product descriptions, ramp up blogs, and refresh images. This is an easy way to get your customers excited for the deals to come, while also boosting SEO.

2. Test your checkout process: You want your customers to have a seamless shopping experience on your website. Test your checkout process and tweak it as necessary.

3. Check your website’s speed: Have you tested speed lately It’s one of the biggest factors for drawing organic traffic and converting. 

4. Optimize for mobile: This is also highly important- you’ll want to revamp your mobile website so that it’s simplified with fast navigation.

5. Get festive: You’ll want your brand to keep up with holiday trends. Give your design a refresh so it offers plenty of Christmas cheer that makes customers want to shop.

6. Research: Don’t know where to start with design ideas for the holidays? Hop online and look at what your competitors and big national brands are doing. This will give you ideas based on trends and you can add your own unique twist.

7. Bundle up: A great win-win for brands and customers is to upsell products or services. You as the business owner clear more inventory and the customer gets more stuff for less. For example, you could do “buy X products and get a X% discount”.

8. Work with micro-influencers: You might think the influencer world isn’t for your business, but you don’t have to look at the big dogs! Micro-influencers have more niche followings and are also more affordable. It’s a smart way to build your social media customer base.