8 Tricks to Increase Your Organic Click-Through Rate

The organic click-through rate (CTR) refers to the act of an internet user clicking over to your website from the URL displayed on search engine results.

The more people click that URL, the more recognition you’ll receive from Google that your content is valuable, and can improve your ranking in the search results.

There are a number of ways to increase the organic CTR, and it starts by stopping the keyword stuffing and instead, start rolling out high-quality content that viewers actually want to read.

We get you started, with 8 tricks to increase your organic CTR.

1. Use long-tail keywords in your headings and title tags. These keywords are more descriptive and build confidence in supplying the exact info a user is looking for. 

2. Write quality meta descriptions that summarize the page and encourage users to click through. You should also include keywords in the meta description.

3. Images are proven to boost engagement, so make sure to include more than one high-quality image in your content. It will show up on featured snippets, which also show up on SERPs.

4. Optimize your URL by keeping it short, including your primary keyword, and being descriptive.

5. Simplicity is best for title tags. Remember that users are skimming search results, so you want to grab them with a short, clear title that shouts “this is what you’re looking for, buddy”.

6. Localize your content so it shows up in search results from the area where your business resides. Accomplish this by including your business location in the content on web pages, blogs, the meta descriptions, and title tags.

7. Lists are good! People love the fast and easy readability of listicle articles. Make sure to include blog posts in this format. If you don’t know what a listicle is, well...you’re reading one right now.

8. Check out a final preview of your webpage using Yoast. It will recommend changes to improve your content and show you what the content looks like on search results before going live.