7 Content and Giveaway Ideas for Your Business Social Pages

Engagement is so important for your business social media pages if you rely on them to boost your marketing. Engagement builds trust with your audience, while also distinguishing your brand’s presence and expanding your brand’s reach to new customers.

There are many ways to get creative with engagement, but one of the most successful ways is by organizing giveaway posts. If you’re stuck for content ideas that boost engagement, we’ve got a great list for you right here! 

  1. Brand Partnership Bundle: Partnerships with brands that sell relatable products or services are great for teaming up and creating giveaways that benefits everyone. You can ask the audience to follow each partner and tag a friend in order to enter the giveaway, with the prize being a bundle of gifts from all of the brands involved.

  1. Send Them on a Trip: How about a dream vacay? A giveaway that will surely stop the scroll is a dream trip accompanied by beautiful, high quality photos for the post.

  1. Surprise Them: Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Tease and tempt followers with a mystery box giveaway. When the winner is chosen, ask them to make a video of themselves opening the box and revealing the goodies within.

  1. Loyalty Giveaway: Another great idea is to create a loyalty program with incentives for loyal customers. Organize a giveaway that gifts new sign on’s with a special deal or free product.

  1. Milestones: Get your followers involved by planning a giveaway when your brand reaches a major milestone, such as 10,000 followers, etc.

  1. Get Social: Customers love a brand that supports a social cause. Create a giveaway that raises awareness about an important cause and gives some proceeds towards the cause.

  1. Seasonal Contests: This is a great way to get creative with your customers. Ask them to send in a photo for Mother’s Day or share a funny prank video from April Fools with prizes for the favorites. This is perfect for holidays, Halloween, etc.