5 YouTube Content Ideas for Small Businesses

In my last post I discussed why YouTube videos can be bad for business, but on the flipside, if your business can benefit from using YouTube, then it’s time to head to the drawing board for content ideas that will get your website more traffic.

In this post, I’ll share 5 top performing video content ideas for your small business YouTube channel.

Take viewers backstage

Marketing the “human” side of your small business is essential, and conducting a video tour is a great way to show viewers what you’re all about. Create a video that walks the viewer through your establishment, for example, showing where the packaging takes place. It’s the heart of the operation, and that’s what viewers are curious to see.

Show company culture

You can take the classic ‘About Us’ web page a step further by making a YouTube video that creatively expresses your company’s unique culture. This is your chance to be humorous and low key, putting a personality to your brand while communicating goals and missions.

Introduce the team

Viewers love seeing the inner workings of a company, and a great way to do this is by introducing the team members in a short video. Now, viewers can put human faces to the services, making your small business more personable.


If your business sells products, then make a series of detailed, informative videos that show how each product works. Oftentimes people have questions about products they’ve ordered, especially if assembly is required, and the first thing they’ll do is look up a tutorial on YouTube. Be the reliable source they can turn to for answers!

Event announcements & live streams

If your business has a big event coming up, share info about it on YouTube beforehand. On the day of the event, live stream to give viewers a feeling of being part of the excitement. It’s like friends hanging out together- personable and very human!