5 Tricks to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Large-scale companies focus on reaching a national audience by utilizing SEO practices that ensure their websites pop up on search engines across the country.

But what about small businesses? The reach is regional, and so it makes sense that SEO strategy should prioritize appearing on SERPs in a particular location.

By optimizing your local SEO, your website will benefit from more traffic, leads, and conversions right in your town- the town and community that you probably know better than a large national company. This gives you an edge against the competition in winning local customers.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your local SEO for success.

1. Optimize your Google listing

This is your business profile that pops up on Google when people search for your services. It’s one of the most effective ways to appear at the top of Google searches and maps. Make sure you have a Google Business Account set up, and go over your contact information for accuracy.

2. Ask your customers for reviews

Did you know that nine out of ten shoppers read reviews before making a purchase?

Online reviews are one of the best ways to boost your local presence and help steer potential customers in your favor. 

Whether for restaurants, beauty services, products, accommodation, and more- you can ask customers to leave a review after the end of a transaction, either in person or through a post-purchase email.

Remember to thank those who leave positive reviews and address negative reviews in a timely, professional manner.

3. Write high-quality content focused on local events

To appeal to a local audience, being part of community events is essential to grab attention, and should be included in your online content. 

Take part in charity events, sports, and news stories and mention this in your blog posts and social media posts. Short videos are also a great way to gain reach. 

4. Create location pages for your website

If you have more than one location in your region, create location pages on your website to target these specific areas.

Include location-specific details on the page, such as contact information, store hours, customer testimonials, and Google maps.

5. Dedicated web pages for each service or product gets your brand noticed

Make local SEO work for you by creating a separate webpage for each service you offer.

Your brand gets noticed by Google with this web design strategy rather than lumping everything together on a single page and risk falling in the search rankings.