5 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Game

Not getting the engagement you crave on Twitter? Use these 5 tips to improve your Twitter game and get your tweets noticed.

Keep your character count short & sweet

Twitter allows up to 140 characters per tweet, but that doesn’t mean type to the max. This makes it inconvenient for followers, because in order to retweet you and add commentary, they’ll have to edit and cut out text from the original post. Also, people are LAZY! Fast and easy is the name of the game, and limiting your tweets to between 80–110 characters leaves room for others to share.

Don’t forget to Tweet on the weekends

Studies have shown that Twitter engagement is 17% higher on the weekends than it is on weekdays, although tweeting Mon- Fri during working hours between 8am and 7pm (depending on your time zone and target audience) is essential to boost engagement as well. Pinpoint when your audience is most active and adjust posting time as needed. Consistently schedule tweets for Saturday and Sunday.

Want more retweets?

Encourage followers to retweet, being careful to spell out the request rather than using the abbreviation “RT”. Although not a popular tactic for many brands, Salesforce reports have shown that being straightforward and asking can result in 12 times more retweets. Another good tip to keep in mind is not to overdo it with retweet requests- overbearing gets annoying!

All about the #hashtags

The world of hashtags can be mysterious and overwhelming to someone who is new to their powers. They broaden the scope of visibility on Twitter and manifests as a call to action. When used correctly, hashtags can transform engagement, but too many can cause it to plummet. As a rule of thumb, keep it at two hashtags per tweet and stay up-to-date on relevant, trending hashtags.

Add shortened links

Another clever way to ramp up the retweets is through added links. Now, when you copy and paste a long URL, not only is it an aesthetic disaster, but it eats up valuable characters. Utilize link shorteners to adjust never ending URLs without straying from the original source. Link shorteners are plentiful, and can be found on Goo.gl, and Owl.ly.

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