5 Tips for Starting a Business Website

Thinking about bringing your small business online? According to Selz.com, online shopping and ecommerce is a multi billion dollar industry, expected to grow by 20% in 2017 to $1.5 trillion globally. SO, the real question here is....if you don’t have a business website yet, what are you waiting for?

Whether you have a product or service to offer, a well designed, mobile optimized business website is crucial for reaching your target audience, especially in a society where more and more is accomplished from a smartphone or tablet. If you’re at a loss at where to even begin with moving your business online, these tips will enlighten you with the basics, and give you that inspirational push to make it happen.

Don’t think for a minute that if you work in construction, cleaning, insurance, law, etc. that you won’t find customers online....

With more and more consumers turning to Google to seek out service options, offering an easy-to-navigate website with excellent content and a focus on SEO will boost your Google rankings and help consumers find you.

Out of the services and products you offer, which are the most popular?

What services in your market are in high demand? When you establish exactly what your consumers want, then you can begin to streamline the direction of your website design.

So, you already have a business website that you made in 1998 and haven’t updated it since?

Well...times have changed amigo, and website modifications ARE your friend. A business website needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as simple to read and fast (all it takes is a split of a second for browsers to lose interest). Take some time to research competitor websites to get a grasp of different designs and layouts. Always remember- online consumers want less clutter and more ease of use.

Put time and effort into creating quality content.

In order to rank on Google, it’s important to incorporate keywords into the content. That doesn’t mean stuff your website with keywords; you need to have compelling, well-written content that flows naturally. Adding a blog with a focus on keyword use also helps SEO and allows you to interact with consumers on a more personalized level.

Hire a professional!

Still not sure how to proceed with your business website? You don’t have to handle it all on your own! Contact 904Technology and let web design professionals create a site that will cover all of the bases for a handsome website that targets your audience, from online advertising to social media and blogging to web design!