5 Benefits of Offering a Free eBook for Your Business

For small businesses, a great way to engage visitors on your website and create potential leads is by offering a free eBook. 

You don’t have to write up a masterpiece novel or anything, but you can write a quick read with enticing graphics that allow you to converse with your target audience in a helpful way.

How is this beneficial for your business? Read on to learn more!

It’s strategic for marketing

Diversify your marketing strategy and reach more people! No matter if you offer a type of service or you have an eCommerce business selling products, you can use an eBook to pinpoint a problem and offer a solution, or give helpful information that shows you're an expert. This builds credibility and shows consumers that they can trust you.

It’s a long term investment

Crafting an eBook takes longer than a typical daily social media post, but good things come to those who wait. An eBook is a long-term marketing tool that you can use for months and even years to come.

Boost your CTA

Writing a winning call to action button is trickier than it may seem. A great way to entice visitors to click on the CTA is by offering a benefit of doing so- and an eBook nails this on the head. Simply offer a free eBook to opt into your service. Your CTA button can read like this:

- Get eBook

- Free eBook

- Download Free eBook

Build your email list

If you want to build your customer email base, a good way to do this is by offering something in exchange for their contact information. So why not offer an eBook? All they need to do is sign up with their email address and they can download the eBook instantly.

Recycle your existing content

You don’t have to spend a ton crafting an eBook from scratch. If you already have a blog, pick out posts that focus on a similar topic and gather information from the posts to build your eBook. This is something you could even do yourself without the help of a professional content writer.