4 Wordpress Plugins for Website Success

As business owners, we’re all looking for ways to increase our online sales. Make your website take your business to unimaginable heights with these 4 brilliant Wordpress plugins that we absolutely love! But first…

What’s a plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software that adds on to the toolbar of your web browser after installation. Depending on the plugin, it offers additional content and data about what you are browsing. This is helpful for tracking SEO data and website traffic.


When it comes to Google Analytics, this plugin is the golden star of plugins, with acute functionality that allows users to delve into the world of website visitors, divulging information such as how many visitors your website receives, where they come from and what they do on your site. By following these statistics, you can adjust your website accordingly. MonsterInsights offers a free version and an upgraded version with advanced features.


Let’s not talk about the feelings associated with losing vital data due to a hardware failure...and that’s where BackupBuddy comes to the rescue. This plugin is reliable and a cinch to use. If an issue gets your website down, rest assured that this plugin will restore any information that’s been lost.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the hottest Wordpress plugins, allowing users to completely optimize an entire website for search engines to help garner more visitors from Google, Bing and social media.


Keep on top of communication with customers through the WPForms plugin. This handy dandy bit of software makes it 10 times easier for anyone with a website to stay in contact with drag and drop contact forms, email subscription forms, order forms and more.There’s a free version and a pro version, allowing you to make customer contact your top priority- which is should be for any business owner.