4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From LinkedIn

You know about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when it comes to staying on top with social media marketing, but what about LinkedIn?

The network of professionals doesn’t usually stand out to small business owners, though it should. It’s a great source of networking and a research tool to stay on top of your niche market.

How are small businesses using LinkedIn to boost marketing strategies? Here are ways to benefit.

Networking is vital

One major trait that sets LinkedIn apart from the rest is that it is not a network based on leisure. While we can scroll aimlessly through Instagram when we have free time, users go to LinkedIn with a focus- to interact on matters of business.

This gives you a free tool to network and collaborate. You can find others in your niche and connect with them. It also gives you a base to find vendors for outsourcing, follow businesses of interest and more.

Easy market research

You don’t need to spend money on creating a focus group or spend time on presenting a survey to customers. On LinkedIn, your audience consists of interested individuals or those involved in similar business ventures. You can post a simple question status or even put out a quick poll regarding a product if you’re looking for valuable opinions. It’s fast, cost effective and dependable.

Keep a tab on competitors

You won’t be in the dark about what your competitors are up to if you’re on LinkedIn. By utilizing this network, you can follow status updates, see what projects are in the works and even glimpse who has left the company, joined or what job positions are open. It’s a great way to stay abreast of the focus of your competition.

Stock those reviews

LinkedIn pages rank well. With that being said, take advantage of those reviews! Don’t be shy about asking past customers, vendors and other business partners to say a little something. When people search for your business, your LinkedIn profile will pop up at the top and they’ll want to see what others are saying about their experience working with you.