4 Tips To Make Your Web Design Ready For Christmas

Christmas is coming- and nothing tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings more than a festive website! This is a great time to change up your web design game to reflect light-hearted cheer and holiday spirit that your customers can relate to. Plus, your website will look fabulous!

Utilize the conversion power of white space

The white space is a design technique that makes the subject in the frame really pop out. During Christmas time, huge sales (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday) are going down. Using white space to convey your message to consumers is a great attention-grabber that has been proven to drive conversions.

Go red or go home

What color stands out, especially when sales are involved? The color RED is the first bright element that will hypnotize a user’s browsing eyes. Plus, red is often associated with sale signs. Try to incorporate this loud color into your holiday web design. Not only does it make your deals known, but it matches perfectly with the classic holiday color scheme.

Card-based design

Pinterest is a good example of card-based design, and other websites have been turning to it as well over the years. Why? It’s organized, clean and allows users to navigate and find categorized information quickly. Card-based is also getting hype because of how seamlessly it works with mobile internet browsing. During the holidays, users can quickly scan over your webpage and see exactly what is being offered in a categorized layout, with “cards” or boxes that clearly display your services.

Jump on the video bandwagon

You might not think that video is something your website needs, but know this: video is taking over as the highest driver of web traffic. Many big name businesses are featuring videos on their websites and getting conversions. Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to reach out to consumers with a personable video highlighting your holiday spirit...and amazing deals.