4 Tasks to Add to Your Daily SEO Strategy

Trying to manage your daily SEO routine can get hectic if you’re running a small business or managing a project. After all, you most likely have tons of other things to focus on. 

But keeping on top of SEO practices on a regular basis is essential for results. To help you establish a daily SEO strategy, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 most useful tasks to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis.

1. Keep the Fresh Content Flowing

First and foremost, your existing content should be refreshed and new content added on a regular basis. The key here is not to stress yourself out trying to post something new every day. Instead, focus on consistency, whether you update or post a blog once or twice a month. Stick to the same day and don’t stray!

2. Social Media and Blog Engagement

Another vital area of SEO that often gets overlooked is social engagement. When followers comment on your social media posts or blogs, part of the reason for success in this digital realm is engagement. This is a crucial daily task, which consists simply of replying to comments followers have made on your posts in a timely manner.

3. Optimize Your Images

One area that you can check regularly is the technical side of SEO and image optimization. Ensure you have high-quality images on your site and that they are as small as possible. This helps maintain speed, for a consistent satisfactory user experience.

4. Google Analytics

It’s challenging to stay on top of every function offered by Google Analytics, but there are a few that should be monitored on a daily to weekly basis. 

The Source/Medium report is essential because it shows where your visitors are coming from, especially if they’re coming from search engines, like Google. This gives you a clear picture of the sources that are driving traffic to your site and how to direct your content optimization. 

Also, look at the Landing Pages report to see which pages get “landed on” first by visitors. This gives you an idea of what visitors are interested in most, so you can direct your focus and strategy accordingly.