4 Spooky Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Halloween Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that Americans love Halloween. They love it so much in fact, that a recent study done by the National Retail Federation estimates that 58% will celebrate, spending around $92 per person on holiday products and activities.

That means if you use a website to drive consumers to your business, it might be a good idea to get into the holiday spirit with some spooky design elements. 

This is a fantastic way to boost your online marketing strategy, especially if you plan to offer specials on products or services during the holidays.

In this post, we share 4 easy ways to bewitch your consumer base this Halloween and drive traffic.

1. Create a Ghoulish Logo

One easy way to spookify your website is to simply tweak the logo for the month of October. Add a Halloween graphic, such as a long-legged spider peeking out from the side, a grinning jack-o-lantern glowing from the corner, or a misty full moon in the background. 

2. Slap on a Haunted Background

Another quick fix is to apply a temporary background for Halloween, ensuring that you mix together holiday colors, such as black and orange. You can even play around with the interface, adding small elements that pop out to the visitor, such as a spider web in the page corner or a small animated ghost.

3. Kick Off a Hallows Eve Email Campaign

Halloween is the perfect time to launch a creative email campaign informing consumers about holiday deals, news, and events. It’s also a great approach to touch base with consumers in a personalized way. As always, stick to a Halloween theme with wicked content!

4. Spook Up Your Content

Don’t forget to give your content a refresh. Plan your social media posts with extra holiday hashtags and Halloween themes. You can even write a couple of blog posts for the month that talk about important Halloween deals and services you’ll be offering. Don’t forget your CTA buttons- they can be spooky as well. For example, instead of a classic “Learn More” try a creepy “Enter If You Dare”.