4 Benefits of Adding an FAQ Page to Your Website

Everyone’s got questions, and they are looking for those answers! Could you be the one to fulfill their most pressing informational needs?

You should be, especially if visitors to your website are looking for a particular answer, and it’s there...but somewhere. That’s why the humble FAQ page is a highly beneficial asset, and not just to give a quickie answer. 

These are some of the biggest benefits of an FAQ page.

It makes your brand more personable

People want to relate to your brand, and an FAQ is one easy way to do that. By taking the time to pinpoint specific questions and supply a detailed answer not only makes your brand’s objective more transparent, but shows that you are a human behind the screen who cares about the needs of your customers.

It helps visitors navigate your site

Chances are, you’ve answered certain questions on other pages of your website already. An FAQ can help direct visitors to those other pages, generating more traffic throughout your website. 

For example, you can write blog posts that more thoroughly delve into certain services of your business. Not only does the blog post add more quality content on your site, but you can link your FAQ page to the blog to boost vital internal link building.

FAQs can land you a prized Google Snippet

Have you ever searched for a question on Google and at the top of the search results, a small snippet has been shared that gives a brief overview of the answer you want? 

The snippet was chosen from a website that clearly answers your question- like a dictionary. Most importantly, Google placed that website’s snippet right at the top of the search results.

FAQs are ideal candidates for a snippet, and a well-written answer that’s chosen can help bolster organic traffic to your website.

An FAQ page can cut down on customer support calls

To be clear, you should always offer visitors a phone number or email address to reach you, but an FAQ page can help cut down on the phone calls for efficiency and promptness. 

Of course, you need to make sure that your FAQ page is thorough and well-written to ensure the most common questions and processes are sufficiently covered.